Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Newsletter

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As spring is in high gear it is great being able to enjoy it. As coming into summer we need to prepare in the next month for the children coming. The best time in the entire year to get all that you need to accomplish in your home is right now. Closets, pantries, garages, attics, basements, offices and over all deep cleaning can be as easy as a phone call. So what are you waiting for? Now is the last time you have before Summer comes into high gear and those accomplished days are gone till fall.

Organization Idea of the Month

                At this time of the year mothers are strapping down their pocket books in hopes for a good summer vacation and husbands are trying to cross off the “not needed” items off their homes expenses. So let’s jump the gun and save some time, money and sanity.

                Save Time

Make your shopping list for harder- Spend five minutes sorting your grocery list by department and the way you travel threw the store. Many times stores offer maps of the store’s items at the desk. Also you can download the Grocery Gadget application to your phone that helps you organize your list and check things off as you go!

Commit to one supermarket- doing this makes your trips easier and quicker.

Commit to a supermarket that honors competitor’s prices. Instead of running around to different stores just scan local competitor items that you have on your list and take in the circular of that week and they will honor it at check out. It takes a few minutes; however doing this saves you so much time and money.

                Save Money

Check yourself out- Instead of waiting in check-out, go thru the self check-out. You are less likely to swipe impulse purchases.

Size up the packages- Buy according to price per an ounce, not by sale.

Compare- Store stock similar items threw out the store. For instance, you can save 30% if you buy cheese in the dairy aisle then in the deli.

                Save your Sanity

Don’t clip every coupon- Clip what you need in the Sunday paper, however sign up for online coupon clippers like Doing this you print what you need and you get emails when new coupons are posted on items you normally buy.

Shop mid-week- Go after dinner hours or before noon on weekends.

Give your kids something to do- Ask the young kids “Count how many green items are in this aisle” and give the older kids separate lists to go shop quicker and see which child gets back quicker.

Cleaning Idea of the Month

                Oh the countdown has begun before the kids get out of school and they are always around, when your home will be in disarray for the next 3 months. So right now you need to clean those things that have been on your list to do before school ends. Have you run out of time? If so please let us know, steam cleaning, window cleaning, closet organization or that attic you so badly need to get to can be accomplished. We are more and eager to conform to your needs. Just make a “needs to get done” list from now till June 1st. If you can’t tackle it, just call us.

Craft of the Month

                Oh flowers every where this time of year! A great thing to do is to take some time and picnic with your child or just go on a walk. Allow your child to pick a few small flowers, or find a four leafed clover and press it! Take a paper towel and place the flower in the center, fold the paper towel over the flower place in a large heavy book. Leave for a few days. Take some contact paper and cut out 2 pieces a little larger than the desired shape and lay the flowers onto the contact paper. Place the second piece of contact paper right over it and workout any bubbles. Trim the edges and punch a small hole in it so you can put in a string for a bookmark or a wire ring to use as a charm on a book bag or small chain.

Healthy Idea of the Month

                As much as I love to plant a vegetable garden I feel as if it is so much work, money and maintenance that I cannot do it. However in recent years I have discovered the tricks of the trade.

·         Save yogurt cups to seed indoors with

·         Place them on window sills

·         Compost kitchen waste

·         Buy only what you can fit

·         Make watering the garden your child’s daily chore (so 5 days out of the week it will end up being done)

·         Rip out at the end of season and you had fresh produce for less than $30 all summer long!