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August Newsletter 2013

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The end of summer is here, you can almost smell the crisp air and feel the chill under your sweater. Fall is on its way. Now many of you know my obsession with Fall. If you have been following my blogs or on any social media you see every year I am pouring with Fall excitement! So this month’s newsletter is coming late, (sorry) however it is coming full blown FULL of GREAT ideas! So save this email, link my blog and come back to it later if you can’t read it now. It is well worth it!

Also this month on Saturday August 24th from 9-1 we are sponsored in Easton Farmers Market! We will have a tent set up around the water fountain, were we will have FREE Revitalize with Rebekah totes as hand outs, raffling a FREE house cleaning and having lots of fun and free hand on activities of getting stuff dirty, so we can show you how to clean it! Come out and enjoy seeing us at work!

Some exciting news coming is, we are now going to be airing commercials over the internet, on social feeds, and on online advertising! We also will be offering free video tutorials of how to clean, organize and help in a easily functioning lifestyle! You like our Facebook or Twitter page? You will love our videos! Keep your eyes peeled! Coming out in October!

With these changes you will also be finding our staff in a new uniform! So keep your eyes peeled on our bright green appearance!

Organization Idea of the Month

Getting ready for a new school year seems easy enough, till the moment when they are at the wrong bus stop or a week into school your child hands you a letter from the nurse saying you need a physical form, or that they need gym clothes. These are the moments when you need to drop all that you are doing to full fill a need; you know you could have been on top of. So I am going to give you a cheat sheet. Yes, this newsletter is full of secrets. So please I encourage you to view or download this Cheat sheet and make sure your child is completely ready for the new school year!

Cleaning Idea of the Month

                A few times a year that cleaning junky shoots out of every American. And one of those times is right now. Getting the new schedule with school, knowing your windows will soon be shutting up for the winter and feeling refreshed that you can get a new start.

                Let’s start with the kids rooms this year. What do they look like? A summer mess, right? I know the feeling. And my daughter already has a mile high pile of new school clothes that need to be put away. But over my dead body is she going to shove the nice new clothes into the dirty drawers full of random make-up and wet swimsuits. And where will she be able to set her new book report book? Not on the pile of unpacked sleepover bags. Think again kid. So side by side you need to go thru the room. Here is the list of things you need to pay attention to:

1.       Old clothes for donation or seasonal storage

2.       Outdated books under their reading level

3.       Old toys they didn’t play with over the summer

4.       Clean out their desk and under their bed

5.       Go thru all CD’s and DVD’s they stashed in their room on late nights of entertainment

Make sure your child helps you every step of the way, you’re not a maid, you’re their parent.  Being a maid, that is our job. Leave it to the professionals.

Craft of the Month

                No one likes a brown nose, right? Wrong! Every teacher LOVES a brown nose! So the best way to get your child off on the right foot to a new school year is the universal love language, of gifts. Now yearly my daughter has given the whole class a gift. It gives the perfect opportunity for her to make new friends by being forced to say “Hello” to everyone, including people whom she forgot about. It also makes every child more comfortable on the first day to feel they are loved by a classmate! These gifts can be small. I spent no more than $5 for the whole class. By wrapping 2 pencils together with twine, or tape an eraser onto a note with your child’s name on it.

                Also, don’t forget the most important person! Your teacher! Always get off on the right foot! There are 100’s of great ideas under $10 that will set your child up for success in the next year.

Healthy Idea of the Month

“Lunches Packed?!” Is the typical phrase from a mother in the morning before school. It’s a desperate hope that someone packed it as you are walking out the front door. For those who are sometimes frantic and can’t seem to get the hang of having them made in the morning, I’ll show you a cheat sheet. The only one you will ever need.

Here is a fantastic idea I took from a blogger last year that saved our lives. If your child is like my little angel; then you understand how they make feeding them the hardest challenge of the day. So this list is very basic, it keeps you knowing what to buy at the store and limits your child’s options. You have a basic “5 Step” process. The entire list however will be made by your sweet child. In the beginning of the year sit them down and ask them 8 different foods for each step they would like to eat. Then they will always have something that they have already chosen!

Step 1 is to choose a starch and protein. Ex: PB and J, Hummus and Crackers etc.

Step 2 is to choose a Fruit. Ex: Grapes, Apple etc.

Step 3 is to choose a Veggie. Ex: Snap peas, celery etc.

Step 4 is to choose a Snack. Ex: String cheese, Yogurt etc.

Step 5 is to choose a Beverage. Ex: Juice, Milk etc.

Having this list makes packing so much easier. Don’t let them choose off of the list, because then you are back where you started. Offer them to write up a whole new list the next day, however, at that moment they just choose from their current list, and most likely “hate their life” for a whole 5 minutes. But tomorrow will be easier. Now go enjoy packing!

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