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May's Monthly Newsletter

May’s Monthly Newsletter

                I hope you all had a great Environmental month! April is such an important time of the year, nature gives life, family functions arise and environmental awareness awakes! As we head into May, let’s keep our focus on the importance of our environmental choices. Let’s remain conscious of the products we buy, how we choose to live daily. Be the change you wish to see in this world and embrace it!

                As our company is expanding we have hired a new staff member named Leah! She is an amazing woman who spent a year in Africa speaking the word of the Lord. With such a servants heart she will be a great helping hand to you.

                Our referral program is coming full swing now! We want to give everyone the option in knowing how easy it is to do. In the following weeks everyone will find a free trial run of our referral program starting the last few weeks of May and running into June. Please fill out the cards and enjoy your free gift!

Organization Idea of the Month

                This is the season for change in your home and lives. Life is crazy and hectic and it can be overwhelming to get it all done. However having a plan of attack can break up the daunting task into smaller more manageable steps you can do…even though you don’t feel up to it. Pick a week this month when you don’t have an excessive amount to do (if this isn’t possible stretch it over 2 weeks). Each day add in one of these things to your regular schedule. At the end, you will be better prepared for summer!

DAY 1 Begin sorting through your children’s spring toys from last year (bubbles, chalk, watering cans, etc.) Determine if they have enough to keep them occupied, while your outside taking care of gardening and other outdoor work. If not, make a list of a few items to make and/or pick up from the store.

DAY 2 Put away any winter clothing for the season that is still in your closets. Bring out your spring and summer wardrobes. Iron anything that requires it.

DAY 3 Begin outside clean up, including getting rid of any leftover winter brush, snipping dead branches from plants to get them ready for the warmer weather ahead, and sweeping the walkway and driveway.

DAY 4 Clean areas in our house that get neglected most of the year, such as the tops of your cabinets, under the fridge, and behind the beds.

DAY 5 Revisit your calendars and determine if you're doing just enough or too much. Cancel excessive activities that you're not too excited about so you have time to stop and smell the roses.

DAY 6 Empty the fridge and freezer clean them out and put your perishables back inside. Also, defrost the little fridge that you keep in your basement.

DAY 7 Make arrangements for your summer help including: the lawn mowing service, landscape service, and outdoor home maintenance like someone to re-stain your deck and make an appointment to have the car detailed.

By the end of these 7 days, I know you'll feel great and with all you’ve accomplished!

Cleaning Idea of the Month

Tis’ the season of being overjoyed with spring, and feeling the need to clean your neglected home. It can be overwhelming So call us to do some focus areas: closets, toy rooms, garages, windows, attics (before it gets hot), and so much more.

One area that needs special attention is your windows. Detailing windows takes plenty of time. Pace yourself, time yourself and be prepared. Here are some tips if you choose to take this task on yourself.

You will need:

*      a bucket of water with a small cup

*      a toothbrush

*      plenty of rags (ripped or old t-shirts, old towels)

*      newspaper

*      a stool

*      and your favorite cleaning products. You will need an all purpose cleaner (simple green, method, or seventh generation), and a glass cleaner (method’s best in glass is recommended).

 Set a results goal and a time goal, for example: I will achieve half of my second floor windows, at 15 minutes a window. Start with the top floor first, you will have water running down your home, so whenever you clean work top to bottom. Turn up your favorite music and pull up your stool! First, open the window, pop out the screen and take it outside to be hosed off. Second, clean the track, top and bottom (if applicable), first spray it out with your non-toxic all purpose cleaner. Let it run down then use your rag to wipe it out. Use your small cup to pour water down the track to remove any large pieces of dirt. Spray again and this time use that old toothbrush! Scrub in the corners, behind the bars or chains. Run some water down it. For a final wipe down, spray with cleaner and make it shine! For the actual window, newspaper is recommended. It leaves no streaks, link or film and you can run threw it quickly! Go top to bottom again, outside top window first, then inside. Take a step back and look at it from different angles (that is when you see where you missed). Wipe off the window ledges inside and outside and whala! Your window is done and you can move onto the next! Once you get all your screens outside lean them up against the fence or home and spray them with the hose from top to bottom. Let them air dry.

Craft of the Month

To get the children excited for the coming of butterflies.

Things you will need:

 toilet paper holder


 construction paper


Googly eyes

Draw wings and let the children cut them out, let them draw, and glitter and glue the wings all the colors they see in nature. Have them paint the toilet paper tube their desired color. Let everything dry. Then glue the wings onto the tube and hang these butterflies by the windows. See how excited they get when the wind blows them around your home.

Healthy Idea of the Month

According to a Lou Harris survey, the amount of leisure time enjoyed by the average American has shrunk 37 percent since 1973, while the average workweek (including commuting) has increased from fewer than 41 hours to nearly 47 hours. In many professions, an 80-hour work week is not uncommon, this obviously includes mothers!

     Look at your typical week. Is it balanced between work and leisure time, or is the scale weighing heavily on the work end?

      When adding tasks and events to your schedule for the week, always plan with plenty of time for unexpected things that may come up. This way, you won't feel like you're drowning in work when things pop up.
     A big part of being organized is preparing for times like these. If nothing occurs and you have lots of extra time, great! You can use that time to get a head start on next week's work, or to do something fun and relaxing.

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