Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How Rebekah Became Revitalize with Rebekah

                                                         How Rebekah Became Revitalize with Rebekah
                As a child I was raised in a Christian home with 2 older brothers, and a younger sister. At a young age my mother taught me how to cook, clean, do dishes and do my own laundry. Thinking these tasks would never amount to anything other than my ruined free time. I was like any other kid with the messy room, denial that the bathroom needed to be cleaned or was even dirty. Yet anytime when my mother would help a friend clean their home due to a move or a baby being born, I would join and I just couldn’t stop! I would whip threw the home and never noticed the day was gone. I then got a job at age 12 at a local salon, shampooing hair. I cleaned the salon, washed the towels, answered the phone and within 3 months I had gotten a raise saying I was the best she had ever had in her 35 years of business.  I patted myself on the back and didn’t think a thing.

             At age 16 I had gotten pregnant and had a little baby girl. In a complete whirl wind and change of direction in life I decided to get married and drop out of high school. Knowing all the potential I was capable of, and all the plans that the Lord had for my life, I never lost hope. Years down the line, after a divorce, college and working as a waitress on weekends while my daughter was with her father, I knew I had to get a job that I never had to get a babysitter for.  5 years into waitressing the Lord threw it onto my lap.

 I was dating a man who was from the south and worked 60+ hours a week. And after sometime of dating him I finally got a tour of the home. As we went up stairs he side-stepped a closed door then another closed door and went right for the only bedroom door that was open. A very short tour I might add. I smiled and turned around to the last door we passed and said to him “What is in here?” As I opened the first closed door he dove for my hand. But the moment was too late; I obviously opened the door to his past. Boxes everywhere. Not just boxes however, opened, ripped, poured out and dumped boxes from wall to wall. With a shocked face I ran to the next door and threw it open. I gasped, another room just the same, but bigger! I looked to him as he just stood there with his hands in his pockets with a face of prideful embarrassment. I dashed down the hall to the last bedroom which was bigger than the rest of them and even fuller. I stepped into the room and saw clothes, decorations, music, broken down furniture and household needs. I thought the items threw for a few moments and walked out of the room and said, “When did you move here?” He replied “8 years ago.” I thought a moment and said, well how much would you pay me to organize this mess? He smiled and said “I don’t even know what you would do with it.” I replied, “Everything has a place here, we just need to find its place.”

At this time my daughter had just started first grade and I was free during the day. A full week went by and his home was complete. Decorated, clothing systems hung and filled, rooms with furniture and rugs in them. Every inch of that home was complete. Shortly after, he had a few business friends over, he raved of my work to them. Those men went home and told their wives of the transformation within his home. Then their wives called me. Then the wives neighbors and family members called me. Then the wives’ neighbor’s co-workers called me. Within 6 months of that business meeting. I had to hire my first employee and make it a LLC. There was so much work so quickly that it was truly a move from the Lord. 3 years down the line we have touched 100’s of families’ homes, donated thousands of dollars to non-profits, and have employed 17 people over the last 3 years. I would call that a miracle. Now wouldn’t you?


  1. Rebekah this is so exciting!! What an amazing testimony of our God and His provision.