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February Newsletter 2013

February Monthly Newsletter • (484)903-9808

Ahh. The month of love. Or so they say. This month we will be focusing on others and how in simple ways love the people around us, and others first.

Also you have received your 6 month packet in the mail. Please make sure you complete the satisfaction survey and review our services to see if you are in need of any, or someone you love may be in need of any.

Charity of the Month

This February, we will be doing something a little different. Instead of us donating 5% of sales to a non-profit we are going to be more personal this month. Each of our clients will be getting a $5 gift card left at their house at a time of service. With this gift card we are asking you to spend it on someone at random. It is called, a random act of kindness. Attached to the gift card will be some ideas on how you could pay for someone. Ex: go thru the Dunkin Donuts drive thru and put $5 towards the person behind you in line’s bill. Or when you are waiting in line, step forward and pay for the person in front of you while they are getting out their payment.

Organization Idea of the Month

                Your children are the most important little people to you right? So teaching them how to clean up their messes not only teaches them responsibility, it gives them self esteem, it teaches them a clean lifestyles (which leads to success-you never meet dirty entrepreneurs) and it teaches them to respect you and your families space. Here is a few tips to help organize the toys.

                First, limit the number of toy your child owns.

Be selective. Don't buy a toy just because it strikes your (or your child's) fancy. Only buy toys which are most beneficial to your child.

Don't buy toys which will take up a lot of indoor space and difficult to store.

Stop giving toys as a gift. Idea to give trips to museums, factories, rolling skating etc.

Don't be a pack rat.

Second, create a system for organizing toys.

The storage unit has to be low enough for your children to take the toys out and put them back in themselves. What's the point of having a storage system which makes you clean after your child after each play session ?  Train your children so that they know how the toy storage system works in your home. Label each compartment with both the toy picture (for instance: car picture for container designated to store toy cars) and in writing.

Third, rotate toys. Toy rotation is a powerful way to avoid toy clutter in visible areas. Bring out a few toys at a time and store the rest away in the attic, garage or closet. Recommendation is a tote to fill and empty every 6 months

Cleaning Idea of the Month

                What is the dirtiest area in your family’s life? Your husband’s closet? Your children’s closet? Or is it even your husband’s truck? I bet it’s your husband’s car isn't it? Take some time this month and clean out his vehicle. Hand him a cup of coffee in the morning and your car keys. Let him drive your car while you spend the day getting his car detailed by you! Set a timer so you don’t go too crazy. Set 30 minute timer on, then pick up all the garbage and clean the inside glass and wipe with some baby oil all the plastic in the car, go to a car wash that also vacuums for you and pay the extra money and save yourself some time! Leave a love note in the car with some of your perfume sprayed in it and there you go. The perfect gift of love.

Craft of the Month

                Simple craft to give love to your family is to join your children around the table and let them make heart garland! You can be as simple or creative as you would like. Cut hearts out of construction paper and tape them to string. Or you could take a string wrap it tight around a block, secure it, then dip one side like a stamp into some paint and stamp it onto a piece of paper, as creative as you would like! Make patterns, use different color paper or paint. Then once dry cut out heart shapes and tangle the garland on your children’s head board for valentines morning, decorate your home, or even inside your vehicle. Just show your love.

Healthy Idea of the Month

With chocolate being one of the items people buy for Valentine’s Day, they try to show their love by purchasing the largest box there is thinking “They will see I love them by getting the biggest box in the aisle!” When the truth is, showing love is showing how you respect their wishes to be healthier. A great way to do this is instead of a box to chocolates try chocolate drizzled over strawberries, a Valentine’s Day smoothie that is pink with strawberries and yogurt or some heart shaped jello! All are GREAT ways to show your love..with less calories.

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