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March Newsletter 2013

March Monthly Newsletter • (484)903-9808

Do you feel the end of winter in the air? I can see the ground softening and the clouds parting. What an amazing feeling! With spring around the corner, we are going to launch our biggest campaign yet! Spring Fever! It will be starting March 18th and running till April 19th. Spring Fever will be our spring cleaning discounts, organization prices dropped, window cleanings at a bare minimum price and steam cleaning can be added to any service for a bare bottom price! And on top of all of this, our referral program was launched a month ago and can be added to any package or cleanings! Refer a friend and get $40 off a service or a $50 RnR gift card for a friend! Getting green cleaning has never been cheaper, easier or greener then before! Book now before we fill up!

Charity of the Month

Last month instead of donating our 5% of sales to a non-profit, we decided to give our clients the money! We gave a $5 gift card to spend on someone to lighten their day! It’s called a random act of kindness. This month we will be donating out 5% of sales to Samaritans Purse. Samaritans Purse is a worldwide non-profit organization, the money this month would be going towards flood relief in Mozambique. Samaritan’s Purse is responding to the disaster by providing clean water, plastic sheeting for emergency shelter, blankets, jerry cans, soap, and other necessary items for people who were forced to leave their homes. To see more visit here to see what they are doing and helping and how you are helping by choosing Revitalize with Rebekah.

Organization Idea of the Month

                If the spring cleaning itch hasn’t hit you yet, it soon will. And some things to start off your cleaning itch would be to un-clutter your home. Get the small stuff so you can deal with the big stuff shortly. Some great ideas to declutter are to:

·         When you want to put something down ask yourself “Is this where it belongs?” In the beginning of doing this it will feel out of place, but soon it will become second nature to do so. Know this: it only takes 15 seconds to hang clothes or put them in a laundry basket.

·         Un-clutter every evening so when you wake up in the morning everything is where it needs to be. Doing this keeps you in mindset to always put back and grab from the place where things should be in your home.

·         Set up systems in your house. For example: A basket for all the sewing items on the first floor. A bin for library book or videos to be returned. A place in your kitchen where all your handy tools, tape, light bulbs, and flashlights are to stay aside from your tools in your basement or garage.

Keep these small tasks running in your home and pick up what is needed, then when your spring fever kicks in your tasks can be on a large scale. Example: organize the attic, garage or closets.

Cleaning Idea of the Month

                To focus on our clean homes we think immediately of floors and bathrooms right? When your floors and bathrooms are clean you generally think “Ahhh, my house is clean.” Well to keep that feeling of “Oh they are clean!” is to focus on your floors, a clean that would last a long time. Grout in floors built up dirt, mold and stains. Essentially your floors may be extremely clean. However your grout is stained and dirty which makes your work seem pointless. Many people say to use bleach and baking soda. However bleach could leave your grout stained yellow and is not environmentally friendly. Grab some baking soda and a tooth brush. You can use an electric toothbrush with an old head on it and it will make the cleaning go much quicker. You can make a paste with a little bit of water and baking soda and scrub with will take mold out and whiten. However if you want to enhance its affects. After you have scrubbed the grout pour on some vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. The chemical reaction will go deeper into the grout. Rinse and enjoy!

Craft of the Month

                This month we will be celebrating my second favorite holiday! Easter is the reason for the season! Celebrating Christ’s resurrection, getting spring fever and getting to eat candy all in one time frame?! It’s glorious! To be able to continue the celebration in decorating eggs is a great tradition. Some great ideas to add into the mix are to glue on scraps of paper with a mixture of flour and water like paper mache or watered down Elmer’s glue. You can also put rubber bands all over the eggs, yarn or scotch tape and soak them in the egg dye. You can also put stickers on it and make certain shapes. These are all ways to make dyeing more fun!

Healthy Idea of the Month

                A great and healthy tip for this Easter holiday is to focus on the impulsive candy for the baskets and treats. Instead of skipping to the candy aisle at the store, fill your basket full of homemade crafts, trail mixes, fruit and/or games. A great craft you can make are here. And a few recipes for some healthy, sweet and tasty trail mixes are here.

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