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January Newsletter 2013

January Monthly Newsletter • (484)903-9808

Happy New Year! What a great year it has been! So much change in the company ringing in this New Year with new hires! Let’s ring it in with new ways to organize our lives and new strategies of cleaning to live happier and healthier lives. Keep your eyes peeled this month for our satisfaction surveys and information about automatic payments!

Charity of the Month

This January we will be donating our 5% of sales to the Samaritans Purse. For over 40 years, Samaritan's Purse has done our utmost to follow Christ's command by going to the aid of the world's poor, sick, and suffering. We are an effective means of reaching hurting people in countries around the world with food, medicine, and other assistance in the Name of Jesus Christ. For more information or to donate yourself visit

Organization Idea of the Month

                Are your gloves and scarves all over in your home? Never ending up in the right spot? A great way for all ages to keep your hats, gloves and mittens organized is to use an over the door shoe organizer and put it on the back side of your front door! So when your family walks in and shuts the door they can immediately put their belongings back.

Cleaning Idea of the Month

                To clean around this time of the year is common, the taking down of Christmas decorations and re-organizing for the coming year, this can be very tedious and stressful. So let’s try to put a spin on it and make a game! Here are two different games you can play to help clean your home!

Santa's Rule: Get One, Toss Two

Try this simple idea to pack a powerful clutter-cutting punch as you put away new holiday gifts: for each gift received, toss two counterparts. Whether you recycle, donate or sell the tossers, each gift will reduce clutter in your organized home--and the excitement of new possessions helps cut the ties to old, outworn items. Get One, Toss Two: short, sweet and painless way to declutter for the New Year.


Take The Holiday Mailing Box Challenge

Have mailing boxes piled up as holiday gifts arrived? Sure, you could recycle or reuse them, but for maximum end-of-year clutter-cutting, take the Holiday Mailing Box Challenge! Your goal: to fill every seasonal mailing box with items suitable for donation to Goodwill or a similar recycler for used household items, and deliver them to charity before month's end. Donating mailing boxes filled with no-longer-needed household linens, books, VHS tapes, crafts supplies or toys gets surplus items into the hands of those in need, what better way to start off the new year!

Craft of the Month

                Having the children at home is so great; however when all they want and sometimes need to do it just run outside and their energy level is thru the roof. What do you do? This is why I always include this section in our newsletters. To work with your children is so needed and to watch them experience working with your parents in success or failure is needed. So go and play with your children it’s your best investment.

                This month’s craft is to make a bird feeder. You take bird seed, unflavored gelatin, a cookie cutter and ribbon and you have something the kids can watch for hours! Mix the gelatin according to the box and add in seed till the gelatin is only a the connector, jam it into a cookie cutter, and poke a hole run a ribbon thru it and let it dry. Then take out the cookie cutter and tie ribbon to a branch.

Healthy Idea of the Month

                Ringing in the New Year, most people try to exercise and be more fit. Here are some tips to use in the New Year!

·         Park your car far from the entrance

·         Pick up a book instead of a remote

·         Take the steps instead of the elevator

·         However much you weigh cut the number in half and drink that amount in ounces of water

·         Have 50% of your diet consist of vegetables

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