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December Newsletter 2012

December Monthly Newsletter • (484)903-9808

                Merry Christmas! I love this time of year! It is, without a doubt, my favorite. The tree, the gifts, the glory to the Lord, and fellowship with friends and family – I feel as if it can’t get any better. I hope you have used my newsletter from last month and are almost done with your preparations for Christmas so you can sit back and enjoy it all without any headaches! Well, I hope this newsletter helps you enjoy Christmas more and stay organized and efficient!

                Also, this month we are rolling out with a new employee! Her name is Hannah and she is a huge blessing and helper. I am so excited for the new helping hands coming on, and I am sure that you all will love her as much as I do. So with the extra set of hands we are now able to help out with your steam cleaning needs for the guests coming your way soon, and the in-depth kitchen cleaning you may need to prepare your holiday meals! Let us know, because this is the beginning of the busy season that typically runs until June. Get in while you can!

Charity of the Month

This December we will be donating 5% of sales to Second Harvest Food Bank of the Lehigh Valley and Northeast counties. They provide funding for soup kitchens, kids’ backpack programs, elderly, and nursing mothers programs and so much more. To find out more or how to donate your unused food, please visit

Organization Idea of the Month

                As much as I love to decorate my home for Christmas, I find it very annoying to run from one room to the next with a single decoration in your hand. Then when you need to pack up, everything is scattered and it’s a chore just trying to fit things in the box closest to you. All of this can be avoided! I assume you already have your Christmas needs in boxes? I always recommend totes for any storage because they do not come in contact with mold, water, bugs, rodents – and your items are safe every year! So while your Christmas décor is out, recycle those boxes, splurge a little on yourself, and grab some totes. When it’s time to pack up Christmas, place a tote in the center of each room (some may need more) to put your décor away according to room. Now when you pack and unpack it is much easier and quicker for you. As the children get older you can give them a tote and tell them to decorate the room itself with the items in the box. Also, keep in mind that all the Christmas tree décor should be in a separate box of its own. So go and enjoy!

Cleaning Idea of the Month

                This month’s idea was a tough choice because there are so many cleaning highlights coming into a holiday month. I thought of focusing on your stove for baking, or your entry way since snow is coming soon. But this month, more than any other, the focus is on toys. Toys are going to be the issue because so many new packages are about to come Christmas morning. Here’s a general rule of thumb: If one box of new toys comes in, be sure to fill another box with older toys your children have outgrown. I collect my daughter’s outgrown clothes and the toys she doesn’t play with all year round. Yet, somehow when I look into her room at Christmas time I just can’t mentally place all the gifts I have gotten her. There is just so much stuff! It’s a good idea before December 25th comes around to get your child’s room emptied of all the items you haven’t seen them play with in a long time. You can donate the ones that they have outgrown. However, if you have removed them and you still have too much, a great idea is to have a seasonal rotation of toys. Every 6 months pack and unpack a box of rotating toys and the kids always think they are getting new toys.

Craft of the Month

                A great craft for this time of year is to focus on the reason for the season. Make a manger scene with your children. Print out images of each character in the true Christmas story for your children to color. Glue them onto toilet paper rolls to stand upright, or put them onto cardboard with clothespins glued to the back so they can stand up tall. You can also make them out of candy! I know every year we do a gingerbread house, so instead of a gingerbread house, make it a manger scene! Add in Mary, Joseph, and the rest of the crew with gum drops, chocolate, marshmallows, mike and ikes – however you would like. While doing this, talk about the true Christmas story and after creating the masterpiece, they can act out the story!

Healthy Idea of the Month

                All of the cookies, parties, cocktails, and sweet Christmas gifts can hurt you in the long run. These are all given with the best intentions. But, a good way to help yourself and your family in this season is to make goals. It’s simple and easy. If you and your family do it all together, you’ll have support and a sense of pride that your family is special and different and cares about your bodies. Here are some example goals; eating only one dessert or not staying for dessert at all, having only 2 cocktails, giving a fruit basket instead of candy, or making sure the cookies you are baking for the neighbors are whole grain with dried fruits, instead of chocolate and sugar. It’s a great family goal. Keep in mind – it’s healthy to shoot for 80/20. This means you are on target with diet and exercise 80% of the time, and relaxing and indulging the other 20% of the time. Teaching your children with these goals while they are young will help them for the rest of their lives.

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