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November Newsletter

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I pray you all are safe from the storm. I am still without power and am dedicated to you and your newsletters. I have spent my time in the storm bringing you a great thought out newsletter! In this time of being home with no power I am sure you and your friends need a cleaning, due to wax dripping, sipped drinks, experimental cooking in the dark. So we want to extent a “Sandy discount” For new clients we have a free hour for every 4 hours paid, and you who refer the new client to us we extent a 15% discount to your cleaning in the next 2 weeks.

Keep your eyes peeled for new staff; we have recently done a switch in staff members with new staff. We want you to welcome them to our family and into your home. The new staffs have all their clearances and love to serve. I also would like you honest opinion of them and let me know their pros and cons!

Charity of the Month

This November we will be donating to Global Giving, the funding will go towards Hurricane Sandy, it has caused extensive flooding in the Caribbean and the East Coast of the United States. This fund will support relief efforts by organizations working in the area, including International Medical Corps in Haiti and Save the Children in the US, to provide emergency assistance to those in need. For more information you can visit

Organization Idea of the Month

                Getting ready for Christmas is not a time when you plan last minute. Some do, and then know that they could have done so much more, enjoyed themselves, been relaxed and had the holidays prepped for and ready way before snow fall. This plan I call the Christmas count down. I break it up into 5 weeks. Each week I plan an attack and spend 30 minutes a day preparing and at the end of the 5 weeks you have the last 3 weeks of Christmas to sit around the fire, plan and enjoy big parties, and just enjoy Christmas for what it really is: your children.

                Week 1: Make a plan of your home. What needs to be cleaned for company, cleaned out and gotten rid of. This is where reality meets the pen. Go through your home, room by room, write down your dream. Are you traveling this holiday? Make your calendar, get tickets and reservations. Family photos? Carpet cleaning? Get your gift check-off list in hand as well; make the list of every person that needs to be taken care of and the budget.

                Week 2: Get your Christmas card list and divide it into 4 groups. Fill out the first quarter of cards this week. Then divide the gift list in 4 according to stores/areas of shopping, and purchase a ¼ of the gifts this week. Make that list now public of what you want your house to be like, post it on the fridge and divide the list to do among your family members of which they are accountable for. Make sure you have the wrapping supplies needed as well as postage.

                Week 3: Finish the 2nd group of Christmas cards this week. Purchase ¼ of the gifts this week, however do the ones you need to purchase online. And wrap the gifts from last week. Check up on the family’s “To Do” list and make sure they are doing their part (Including you)! Begin on the “to make” gifts this week. Reserve baby-sitters for the parties in December.

Week 4: Finish the 3rd group of Christmas cards this week. Purchase the ¼ of the Christmas gifts this week. Stay on your family about their “To Do List”, and complete a few items off of your list as well. Clean out the refrigerator and freezer and plan your holiday meal. Prepare for drop in visitors.  Purchase cheese and crackers and table grapes. Enjoy Thanksgiving this week.

Week 5: Finish the 4th group of Christmas cards this week. Finish up your shopping this week. Decorate your home with Christmas décor. Start your wrapping of gifts. Send out the gifts to far away family. Cultivate for the month of December a “No TV” evening so that you can spend the time you need to with your family. Replace it with family traditions, holiday reading or broaden the family’s knowledge of what other cultures do for the holidays.

Cleaning Idea of the Month

                Due to Sandy stopping in for a visit in our area our refrigerators have come to our attention. Have you cringed at the thought of picking up the jelly jar that is stuck to the door and try to save it in ice? Or that frozen sticky patch from the dripped popsicles that started to melt? Have you discovered you would rather throw out your food then try to clean it? Yes this has become most of our realities. So let’s take our attention to our fridges and freezers before the holidays come and fill our refrigerators.

Start top to bottom. Remove everything and unplug your refrigerator, take a look at expiration dates, and if you have used it. If you haven’t used it and it’s still unopened you can donate it to a local food pantry, they are always in need. Fill a pot with hot water and dish detergent and grab a sponge with a score side. Then fill up your sink full of hot water and dish detergent. And start. Start in the freezer section and scrub the top of the freezer to the walls, the bottom and the door. Many shelves can be removed and submerged into the sink and scrubbed. Dry everything with a cloth so that nothing can freeze once you turn it on.

Move to the refrigerator, and start top to bottom removing the shelves submerging them into the sink and scrubbing them, drying them and setting them aside. Wash the top, walls and bottom. Remember to remove the drawers and the shelving on the door. Before you put your shelves back in this is a great time to look at your organization in your space. A great way to organize your fridge is to grab a cloth basket and organize your food. Ex: Yogurts, cheeses, meats, leftovers or kids snacks. Grab your baskets, label them and put your shelves in according to size. Place your non expired wiped clean food back in. And if you're like me, you'll spend the next two days sneaking admiring looks at your gleaming, well-organized refrigerator. It may not be glamour, but it's life!

Now that you have a clean fridge and freezer, let’s try to get them to work more efficient. The freezer works most efficiently when packed as full as possible. Need to fill in some space? Tuck extra ice for cold drinks or cold-packs. A black-out bonus: full freezers keep food frozen longer if a power outage occurs.

The refrigerator is a different animal; it needs air circulation to keep food at an even temperature. Packing a refrigerator too tightly means some foods can become too cold--and may even freeze--while others aren't kept cold enough for proper storage. Let the refrigerator breathe to keep food fresher longer.

Keep produce cool, condiments cold and proteins downright chilly for longest food life.  A cold spot near the cold-air inlet makes a good home for meat or poultry, but will freeze and spoil a head of lettuce.

 Track temperatures with a thermometer. Too-cold temperatures waste energy, while too-warm temps lead to premature food spoilage. In the fridge the temperature should be set between 36 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. In the freezer, shoot for a temperature range between zero and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Also clean condenser coils with a vacuum wand; making sure to clean behind and under.


Craft of the Month

                A good craft to do in the month of November is something called the thankful tree. On a wall in your home make a tree trunk with branches. Everyday someone in your home takes a leaf and writes something you are thankful for. So on thanksgiving when you spend your quality time together you can admire your tree and know what in your life is worth living for. Take a picture every year and see what changes and what was the most valuable to you and your family from year to year.

Healthy Idea of the Month

                Every year it’s a battle to not gain all the holiday weight when you attend the holiday parties and have all the cookie bake offs. Here are 10 tips to help you in your weight goal.

1. Never Go To A Gathering On An Empty Stomach

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

3. Don't Deprive, But Don't Indulge

4. Chew And Enjoy Your Food

5. Socialize Prior To Heading For Seconds

6. Exercise

7. Snack On Healthy Choices

8. Skip The Alcohol Or Limit Intake

9. Don't Cave Into Peer Pressure, people take pride in their food, however your health is more important.

10. Protein Is Your Friend

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