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October Newsletter

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Do you love this weather or what?! The cool crisp air, the start of leafs changing; the pumpkins pies and let’s not forget the homemade applesauce! This time of year is always the time I love to try new crafts and tips. I feel energized because soon my home will not be able to have the windows open or nature brought in. So cleaning and organizational tips are a high need! Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for daily tips at Revitalize with Rebekah LLC. Also before we lock up the windows, do you need them cleaned? Or your carpets steam cleaned? Keep us in mind before it’s too late!

Organization Idea of the Month

Is it time in your home to switch the clothes in the drawers from summer to winter? If so what is your set up? Always looking for feedback and would love to hear from you, email me at for your great tips! As for me, I keep a dresser for winter and a dresser for summer. However many don’t have the space for 2 dressers, so let’s talk totes. I think totes work great. As you take out of the tote what is in there, see if it fits from last year or out of fashion. This includes your closet. Go thru your closet, take out what you won’t use this winter, and use some space saving strategies. Thin uniformed hangers or a belt with holes in it, so the hanger hooks fit in it (sort of like a wonder hanger, but eco-friendly). Always keep sweaters, sweatshirts and bulky clothing in a shelving unit, a cabinet or basket. These take up so much space and you normally don’t wash them as much.  And last thing, how do you store your tall standing boots? Tossing them in the bottom of a closet never works well. You could get a shoe door organizer, or a small closet hanging shelving unit and fold them in half. If space allows and you are able to store them upright, a great idea is to take your old magazines, roll them up and insert them into the boot.


Cleaning Idea of the Month

Do you have a Keurig? How often are you cleaning it? It should be every month or so you thoroughly cleaning it. To be able to clean it the way you should you need: a toothbrush, white vinegar, all purpose cleaner and a micro-fiber cloth. Then disassemble the machine, remove the reservoir and lid, drip tray and cover, k cup holder and funnel. You can take all of these and soak them in the sink with some vinegar. Or you can also put these items in the top rack of your dishwasher. Remove them and towel dry. Now let’s move to the unit, wipe down with the cloth and the natural all purpose cleaner. While the parts are washing or soaking, take your (clean) cleaning toothbrush and gently brush out any stuck coffee grinds in the K Cup holder. If these aren’t removed, they’ll eventually inhibit the machine from working properly. While you’re in there, use a damp cloth to remove any build-up from the K Cup holder. If there is any white scaly build up or deposits use a vinegar soaked cloth to wipe clean. Then reassemble the Keurig. Fill up the reservoir half of vinegar and brew until the reservoir is empty. Then remove the reservoir and clean out completely, fill up the reservoir completely with water and brew continually until there is no vinegar taste in the water.

Craft of the Month

                What a great time of year for crafts. I feel like I have an encyclopedia full of great crafts. However, if I had to pick a craft for all ages, useful, and easy, this is what I have to pick. It’s very easy, simple and useful. Everyone makes carved pumpkins in this time of year and sometimes it’s difficult to let the children cut the pumpkins. So a great tip is to grab some metal cookie cutters and a hammer, and halo out the pumpkin. Make a design, whether it’s a face, or just a design take the cookie cutters and hammer them into the pumpkin till they are all the way threw. Then pop out the cookie cutter and piece if pumpkin and enjoy!

Healthy Idea of the Month

There are so many things I would love to guide to a healthier life. However this month I am going to briefly talk about how to be prepared in an emergency.  Nearly half of the country is not prepared for an emergency at all. People live pay check to pay check, go on vacations, and have no food storage or water storage. What you need to be prepared for at minimum of 72 in your home for natural disasters, storm, flooding, terror, contagious disease, no power etc. Here are a few links to look over. For $100 your home can have the basics needed for an emergency. Is your families safety worth $100?

Take a look, get a kit, get a plan and get educated. Be ready.

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