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June's Monthly Newsletter

June Monthly Newsletter • (484)903-9808

Welcome summer! It is official; the kids will be home in the next week or so, if they aren’t home already. So the time has come to entertain your children, get work done around the home and try to not spend all your money doing it. The next 2 months we will be focusing on how to entertain your kids in eco-friendly and affordable ways.

If you are a client of Revitalize with Rebekah you should/will be receiving a free trial of our referral program! Another part of our referral program is if someone is referred to us by you, you will receive $40 cash or a $50 Revitalize with Rebekah gift card to give away!

Also last month we were at Easton Farmers Market and we handed out a free house cleaning! And Peggy was the winner! Congratulations Peggy!

Charity of the Month

This  month we will be donating 5% of sales to She’s my Sister. She’s My Sister,™ is a program from American Bible Society, it brings Bible-based trauma healing to repair spiritual and emotional wounds caused by decades of brutal conflict in Great Lakes Africa. Addressing trauma is the first step toward restoring hope and beauty from horror’s ashes. To learn more about the project visit

Organization Idea of the Month

Are you ready for summer? Think of activities, free places to visit, friends to play with, and friends with pools? This summer can be a summer of fun or boredom, and you are the only one who can make it for your family. So let’s get ready and prepared, sit down with your children and make a few lists. A list of: friends to play with, friends with pools, friends with passes (to dorney, local pool etc.) friends whom your children are allowed to sleep over at, families you want to have cookouts with. Then make a few lists of: things to do outside, things to do for free, crafts to make and a places of fun they would like go to. Having these lists will make life a lot easier when the conversation comes what to do or your children are wining that they are bored, you can hand them a list and tell them to choose.

Cleaning Idea of the Month

                Now that your kids have some time on their hands let’s focus on what they can do to help you run the infamously dirty home. Have them make a new chore list of things they would need to do extra around the house for the summer. Clean out their bedroom drawers, pick out books they no longer read to donate, go thru their craft supplies and see what works and doesn’t work etc. These small tasks help form them as adults to be able to be depended upon with work, teaches them work ethic and that in life they have to work for what they want.

Craft of the Month

                The love of kids playing outside I think is a natural love by mothers. To encourage this play in a cheap way, you can make homemade bubbles! Here is a simple recipe for endless hours of summer fun!

 Mix 2 cups water in a large sealable container

1/2 cup liquid dish soap (Dawn or Joy seem to work best)

1/8 cup corn syrup

And enjoy!

Tools: A basic wire loop- Take a short piece of thin but stiff wire and form a loop in it about 4 cm  in diameter. Dip into the bubble solution and gently blow.

Drinking straws make good bubble blowers.

Healthy Idea of the Month

Keep your eyes open for hot days. This time of year is when the most scarring happens in children due to lack of sunscreen. Also severe dehydration comes when children are at play for so long and they don’t see their need for fluids. Please be aware and teach your children that any day outside is a day that they need to use sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids.

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