Friday, July 13, 2012

June Monthly Newsletter

June Monthly Newsletter • (484)903-9808

                It is official. Summer is here. Kids are home or coming home and our new routine and our new life begins. So let’s get ready! Keep us in mind this summer for window cleaning, kitchen over hauls and some steam cleaning!

Charity of the Month

This month we are going to be donating our 5% of sales to Not For Sale it empowers marginalized communities to seek their own dignified employment and break the cycle of exploitation and slavery. Not For Sale helped 1,435 people in 6 countries worldwide get closer to achieving this end. To find more about them, and to download the app and help the cause visit them at

Organization Idea of the Month

Tis’ the season for travel! That means you have those long car rides and those weekend get aways in your horizon. Is your car ready? Not just the engine, but what YOU need to do when you are waiting for a tow truck or stuck somewhere? First have a handled bin or small tote for your car, otherwise they will have a tendency to roll around and get lost beneath seats. Now let’s fill it up! Stock it with

ü  paper towels

ü  toilet paper

ü  a first-aid kit

ü  auto fire extinguisher

ü  duct tape

ü  flat-repair kit

ü  bungee cords

ü  bag filled with flares

ü  jumper cables

ü  bottled water

ü  granola bars

ü  a blanket

ü  warm clothing, in case of a breakdown.

Cleaning Idea of the Month

                Ahh, time for your outdoor dinners and your outdoor parties. Is your furniture ready? Grab a bucket with water and some dish soap till it has suds. Then scrub your furniture from top to bottom. From back, to legs, cushions and all in between and the hose it off. If you have iron furniture you may have some rust on it, if so, sand off any spots of rust with gentle circular motions. Depending on how much rust is on your furniture, this may require some elbow grease. Once you’ve sanded everything off that you need to, either hose the furniture off again or wipe off any debris with a cloth. You can either use a spray on or brush on paint. There may be a touch-up paint created specifically for your furniture’s brand and style. Whatever paint you decide on, apply it by following the directions on the container. Make sure no one touches the furniture until it is completely dry. Once it is dry, you can use the sandpaper to remove any uneven spots in the paint.

Craft of the Month

                Need a craft with the kids? Something that can make them sit for hours, keep them out of your hair and it be educational? Is this possible?! It is! With a eco-friendly backyard bird feeder! They will make it with love and watch out the window for hours to watch which birds come and how they eat and be very naturally entertained. And you can make one out of an empty milk carton. Cut openings on opposite sides of a clean carton and coat with nontoxic paint. Glue Popsicle stick shingles onto the roof. Then for a perch, poke holes below the openings and slip a dowel through the holes. Fill the bottom of the feeder with birdseed mix. (You can make your own mix by combining a variety of nuts and seeds, such as sunflower seeds, millet, thistle seeds and yellow corn.) Then hang the feeder with wire in a spot that's easy to view but far enough away from fences or posts to thwart predators. Sit back and enjoy!

Healthy Idea of the Month

I can’t tell you how many times I have spoken against GMO (genetically modified food) and then turned around and went food shopping and didn’t know the difference between the GMO food and the non GMO food (other than organic). Now we can know! Next time you go to the grocery store look at the stickers on your produce, they reveal how fruits and veggies are grown and if they’re from genetically modified organisms, plants and if the DNA has been altered. (No law REQUIRES GMO labeling, so only organic produce is guaranteed to be GMO –free) Your guide is if there are 5 numbers and it starts with “8” is genetically modified. If there are 4 numbers they are grown conventionally. If there are 5 numbers and it starts with 9 they are grown organically.

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