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October Newsletter

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Please tell me that you are enjoying this time of the year as much as me?! The leaves, the cool crisp air, the pumpkins, mums and apples! I'm canning like crazy, have bushels of apples and loads of pumpkins in every direction in my home, I just can’t get enough of it! I would love to know how you are enjoying your fall season! Comment on this, or post up on Facebook! I would love to learn new ways of enjoyment!
One way I am enjoying Fall is preparing for our yearly winter discount. We have changed the name this year to “The Holiday Cure”. I think it rings in the perfect imagery of what we want to help accomplish. To have your holiday season run perfectly! Starting November 1st we will be offering 20% off all services except Maintenance and Commercial Cleaning and Wowing Windows. So schedule us to tear down your curtains and wash them, or bring down your holiday décor. Steam cleaning, kitchen make over or even a complete over haul of your basement or garage! Book us now, because already only 4 days of social media people are already booking in November and December!


Organization Idea of the Month

Question, for you. How do you organize your life? Your budget? Your meals? A great idea to make life extremely more organized is to get a binder system. Purchase a binder, a large one is more than enough, however if you get a smaller sized one you can fit it in your purse! Also get dividers, some for main sections and some for the sub sections. Here is my planner system, it is organized into main sections:
1. Monthly
2. Notes
3. To Do’s
4. Menu Planning
5. Budget
I then also have sub sections:
                1. PTA
                2. Church
                3. Bible Study
                4. Seasonal Fun
                5. Projects
Now your subsections can be whatever you do, or need. Example: Workouts, Income, Sports, Checklists, School and always good to have a Blank one. I would love to have a more in-depth blog about each section and how to organize even deeper. If you are interested please comment!

Cleaning Idea of the Month

                Windows and window treatments. How are yours looking? I know I am kind of freaking out when I look at my windows in my home at the moment. I know winter is on its way, and I know that I can see my knuckle and finger prints on the windows from throwing them open all summer and fall long. So now is the time to prep for winter. Look at your schedule for the next 2 weeks….go ahead, stop reading and look. Ok do you see an open afternoon? Or have a child who is in need of some good hard work? Write in “Window Overhaul” on your calendar. And don’t let your mother in-law or your best friend try to swoop you off to a lunch or shopping trip. Keep this date. And grab some newspaper and some vinegar water and clean them! Time yourself. No more than 5 minute a window. Don’t let yourself get all crazy into it. It’s not needed at the moment. It isn't spring cleaning, you are just preparing to close up your windows. That is all.
Craft of the Month

                Simple, easy and fun! A great way to get your craft on with the kids at the same time get to celebrate Halloween is to grab some old coffee cans or large tomato cans, get some paint, and a large nail and hammer. Ok now image your design. A jack O’ Lantern, words like “Happy T-Day” or “Trick or Treat”. Draw out your design, paint, and make holes in the tin cans by nailing them. Drop in a candle and enjoy!
Healthy Idea of the Month

Do your kids eat healthy? Now, honestly, do YOU eat healthy? A great way to cultivate your children into eating healthy as a lifestyle is if in starts with you. Here are 5 rules of thumb you must live by to help the next generation eat healthier and be happier.
Here are some ways to pass on the knowledge and skills
1. Make it the norm- You do it, they do it. It’s always there, it’s all they know!
2. Wise them up-Teach them how to read labels, and show them the how much sugar, fat and educate them on healthier options.
3. Set the standard- Let them know it is no option to eat unhealthy
4. Let them create- Show them new foods, bring them into the kitchen, and let them try everything
5. Keep it light and happy- Make it a no pressure situation, don’t put down others while you are lifting them up. And don’t make them feel guilty for wanting to try unhealthy foods, just guide and inform.

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