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March Newsletter

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This winter has had me feeling the winter blues more than most winters. I feel like most of us can agree that it has been extra snowy, and we are ready for spring. Revitalize with Rebekah is no different, so we are getting ready for spring with our Spring Fever! This is the discount that rolls out every spring to help people to afford spring cleanings, clean outs and get theirs lives back to being organized! So get your 'Spring Fever' List ready and call us now so when the windows open, you don’t have to wait for an appointment!

Organization Idea of the Month


So who feels that their entry way has become a disaster this past winter season? Between school items, gloves, hats, jackets and shoes, everything you need seems to be piled right at the front door. How annoying? Seriously.
To have an organized front door 3 things need to be looked at.
1. Every item needs to have a place. Pick everything up off the floor and put it on a shelf or in a basket.
2. Each person has their own designated area. A basket or a shelf to keep ll their stuff to eliminate the last minute search for....whatever.
3. Make sure it doesn’t get over loaded. Add it to your weekly 'to do' list to go through all the stuff on the shelves or in the baskets to cut down on the accumulation.

Cleaning Idea of the Month

            This past week I have started to get the itch for spring cleaning. I felt trapped without the windows being opened, and I decided to take my kitchen floor on. Constantly mopping my tile floors leaves me with dirty grout.  The tiles may have been cleaned regularly but the texture of the grout makes it seem impossible to get clean every time. So here is what I did. I changed my mindset from cleaning my floor to, TEARING UP my floor. I took a trip to the store and planned on spending no more than $10 and an hour of my time. I purchased a rough scrub brush with hard bristles, a bottle of vinegar, a bucket, and 2 large containers of Bon Ami. And I embraced that this was going to be my workout for the day.

            First I swept the kitchen and did a general cleaning. Then I took a vinegar water solution in a spray bottle and sprayed the grout all over half of the kitchen floor. I then went down one row of grout in a single direction and sprinkled the Bon Ami right onto the grout. I started at the top of the grout line and I just started to scrub with my weight into the brush and just scrub back and forth with a quick motion. I then moved myself 3 feet down and continued till the entire single row was done. Which took no more than 1 minute. I did the next row and the next until I had done half of the kitchen grout going in a single direction. So I then grabbed my mop and clean bucket and mopped up all of the Bon Ami powder and paste thoroughly. I then sprayed the perpendicular grout lines on the same side of the kitchen and I continued the process.  

            I took a step back and saw the difference and that was my motivation to take the next 30 minutes and finish the job and repeat again. I understand that my daughter will come and spill her chocolate milk and she will explode a ketchup bottle on my fresh clean floor. It’s ok. But at least I know that my floors will be easier to clean in the future because I kept it up. This is life.
Craft of the Month

            So now is the time you should be thinking and prepping for your garden. One of the things that may be an afterthought is vegetable markers. People use so many different things. Popsicle sticks, rocks, spoons, paper labels and everything in between. So here are some ideas for markers for you. But remember, you should have 2 markers for every kind of fruit or vegetable you are growing. One for each side of the row, or where it starts and where it stops.

Healthy Idea of the Month

I know that snow is still on the ground. And I know that spring seems so far out, however, it WILL be soon! Hold hope! It is not too far away. The only way I know how to escape the winter blues is to prep for spring, and spring for me means my garden! Ok, I have a black thumb. No seriously like I have never been able to keep plants alive, so if I can garden, you can garden. I am no expert but amazingly when I put seeds in the ground things come up! God knew idiots like me were going to try to garden at some point so he made it relatively easy for us. I have learned a few things over the years  so here is my 'To Do', and 'Not To Do' in terms of seeding.
You need open space in front of windows or you need florescent light bulbs. They are great. However I do “put my seeds to sleep” at times which I feel gives them the natural feeling of what is to come. I have used an old yogurt container (with holes in the bottom) which works, but is messy. Do not use the biodegradable cups because I have always seen that they don’t biodegrade quick enough. So I am left with having to dig them out again and destroy the root to make an opening for the root to grow out of the container. This also includes egg shells (which is great in compost). But honestly I think those “expert gardeners” invented those self watering seeding containers you buy at home depot or Lowes with the clear plastic lids on top. Because they work great. They have a strip of cloth that waters the bottom of the seed trays so I don’t over water them, and then the plastic container holds the moisture and keeps out the children. And I have been reusing mine year after year.

Now I plant way too many seeds, many more seeds then I need. Because lets do some math. This is not a realistic number because I have a small family; but I am just giving you an example. I plant 100 bell pepper seeds, 25 of them never sprout or die during the seeding process. Then during the transfer I lose another 25 because transferring them does hurt them. Then some weeds pop up that I missed or an area doesn’t get enough sun and I lose another 25 plants. So at the end I am left with 25% of what I planted. Now some people think that may be an insane amount of plants to loose from seeding, but this is what happens when someone who is not an expert gardener, gardens.
Now that I have discouraged you from planting let me give you some reasons why you SHOULD.
1. It gets you closer to the earth you love
2. Lower produce bill in the summer
3. Reasons to love on neighbors and friends with extra produce
4. Children see you work and they love to help
5. You can have actual organic food

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