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Optimal Organization Book

The Optimal Organization Book
     Helping people is kinda my goal in life. And not harassing people is another. So I think that blogs are the best thing that I can do for people. If they want the help, they take it. If they don't want it, they don't read it. Its a perfect merriment. This year in 2014 I will be uploading my Monthly Newsletter at the beginning of every month. And then mid month have a blog that has been chosen or asked by our readers for more detail or input! So sit back and enjoy being Revitalized!


              Per request here is a blog just about our Optimal Organization Book! You can also win this for free during the month of February in our Green Mommy Giveaway! So if you want this for free, start sharing your favorite statuses from us! Each shared status is one entry!

             I know so many people that keep “to do” lists on a sheet of paper, keep their meal plans on a chalk board and have cleaning schedules in their heads. That is great and I am so happy if that works for them.  I tell all my clients that certain organizational tactics work for some, and not for others. This is the system that I find works particularly for me. I will also tell you some ways others use this system a little differently so you are able to modify it however you need.
            This following is my personal Optimal Organizational book, and I love it. I couldn’t live without it, and only our Heavenly Father knows where I would be without it. First start by choosing a binder. You can use a smaller one if you would like. Many women prefer this so they can carry it in their purses. However the smaller you get the less items it will hold. Which almost defeats the purpose. You will need one with a pocket on the inside of the front cover.
          A smart phone is necessary in today’s world. So you should always write notes down in your phone when they occur to you. One of my mottos is if you THINK IT, INK IT! Don’t wait till you get home to write it down because if you are like me, you will forget by that time. So make it a habit and after while you will do it without even thinking. At that point you will have won the battle.
          Once you have chosen your binder size, you will need these specific dividers. They have tabs on the side and a sleeve to insert loose items into. I personally have been using clear sheet protectors that I added tabs to. If you can find these tabbed dividers I would recommend using them as it's easier. Put them into your binder along with a packet of ruled paper and a legal note pad.
          Put the legal pad into the binder by sliding the cardboard back of the pad into the pocket on the inside front cover.
          Then add on a binder clip to the bottom of the legal pad connecting it to the binder. This  keeps the pad from falling out, or constantly flipping around and what not. Trust me you will need it.
           Now lets dive in on how you can use this beautiful creation I call the Optimal Organization Book. First things first, the legal pad is going to be your brain on paper. Something funny happens to you as you age, it’s called memory loss. Get used to it because it isn't going to get any better over time. You can try to fight the beast of memory loss, or you can beat it. The only way to beat it is to constantly write things down and to keep them all in one place.
              The top page of the legal pad should have your “TO DO List”, recent contacts, verses to remember, bills to be paid and all those other random things that pop into your head. Personally I put my daily, weekly and monthly goals on it. This way I can see the items one by one and I know what I need to get done. I don’t necessarily start a new list every week, but when it looks like a child got a hold of a pen and my pad then I will start a new list and transfer everything.
               The first sleeve is going to be the items you will need to cross things off the “TO DO List”. Example: bills to be paid, the addresses from the Christmas cards you need to put into your Christmas Data base (yes I still didn’t add mine…we all fall behind), forms to fill out etc. The back sleeve of the divider is great to use for large projects you are doing at the moment. Mine for example is my taxes. I have separate folders, files and even books dedicated to organizing my taxes that are not in this Optimal Book. However I am keeping some papers my accountant gave me to help me navigate through all of those other items in this book.
          The next tab called “Meals/Chores” is an all inclusive tab for your daily home care. This is where you will need some of the ruled paper.  You will keep weekly recipes, and household chores (divided into 'Mine' and 'Childrens') in this section. When you go shopping you will want to pull out the recipes you plan on using that week to make your shopping list. If you have a recipe book you can just take pages in and out of then you can slide the recipes into the sleeve (Later there will be a blog on my Personalized Cookbook, stay tuned!). You can also just tape the recipe up onto the wall when making dinner. I also keep my personal daily chores to be done between regular cleanings on a 4 week grid, the vacuuming, bathrooms, and my mundane company things. These are items that I don’t include onto my daily calendar, which is normally on my phone. If you don’t use a calendar on your phone I recommend you do. I personally recommend using Google Calendar. It is amazing. (a blog will be written later on this) I then have a check off list for my daughter Ashelee completing all her weekly chores and got she paid her allowance. At the end of a quarter I can check if she completes all of her chores she can either get a raise, or a big prize.

          The next tab of “Contacts” I use as a business owner, I am always talking to and meeting new people. When I first get their business card this is where it goes. It is a good “in between” place. I will also jot down a note about why I am dealing with them. You use ruled paper in this section for details, and a running log of info.
          The next one for me is for  “RnR Company Meetings”. When I make notes whether it's during a consultation, an inspection, or just random ideas to bring up at the next meeting I will insert a note I already made, or write one down. If you aren’t a business owner, this is a good tab for a PTA project, a bible study, girl scouts or just something that you will be dealing with monthly basis.
          “Social Media” is next. (If you feel that you don't need a section like this, no problem! At the end I have a list of 'Sub-In' section headings.) This is where blogs, sponsors, status ideas, giveaways and my latest brainstorms all go. 
           “Parties/Holidays” is the next tab. Everyone has a birthday, and who can forget about Holidays? This is the tab for all that. You can always subdivide it if you feel like you need to but  I really only need one section for this. This is the area for brainstorming ideas, plans, contacts, and anything else! Keep in mind to put it on your “TO DO List” when you are planning parties.  Then keep your needed items for the party in this sleeve so you don’t lose them.
        The “School” tab can be used a lot or a little. I use this mainly for keeping school packets when they are sent home for certain classes, or schedules. It can also be used to keep grades  or old homework they want to review.

         A “Vacation” tab is the one I have the most fun with! It is for ideas of potential travel destinations, phone numbers or websites of places you want to check out, want to call, have called, their prices etc. You can also stock pile brochures or lists of items that you will need for your trip.
I hope you found this helpful! Don't be afraid to modify this to your particular needs. If it doesn't work for you then tweak it. I have a small family. Some have big families. But one thing is for sure, EVERYONE needs an Optimal Organization Book.
Here are some ideas of 'Sub In' tabs so this Book can fit you better!
-Important numbers or dates
- Spring/Summer Chore Checklist
-Fall/Winter Chore Checklist
-Christmas gifts
-Freezer Inventory
-Pantry Inventory
-Yard Sale
-Bible Study
-Girl Scouts

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