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February Newsletter

February Newsletter

     I hope everyone is adjusting to the New Year well and has been enjoying the Christmas gift we left all of our clients! (If you haven’t received one and would like to, we can send you one free of charge) Saltopia is one of the greatest locally owned companies here in the Lehigh Valley. They produce sea salt with organic ingredients that push the boundaries of flavors–and they are fantastic. If you enjoy their burst of flavor and have fallen in love like I have, visit them at There are over 30 flavors!
     Hopefully you have been following us on social media and have seen that this past month we have taken people’s questions and answered them publicly! We have had such an overwhelming amount of feedback that they next 3 newsletters will be published with all YOUR questions being answered! If you don’t follow us on any social media I encourage you to do so, because we are rolling out with contests, free cleanings, and free gifts and of course tips and tricks from now on plus during this whole month of February, the person that shares the most amount of our tips will receive our free Green Mommy Giveaway! Follow us to find out more of what we will be handing out for free!

Organizational Tip of the Month

There is NO room anywhere!!

       I have had a few requests to have a more in-depth look at my Optimal Organizational book which was given back in October in our blog, but as a quick review. But the 2nd week of February I will send out a more in-depth view of our Optimal Organizational book book and offer one FOR FREE in our Green Mommy Giveaway.  But right now we are going to focus on “organizing in small living spaces” from Rebekah in Easton (not me just someone with the same name as me). So breath deep, disconnect yourself from your mess, and let’s look at this like you are your judgmental mother in law.
       Let’s look at what you are dealing with.
              1. Look through and find things that are garbage, things to donate, or recyclable. Put them where they REALLY belong.
              2. If you haven’t used it in a year, maybe you need to get rid of it.
              3. Find things you use maybe once a year consider getting a storage unit for it. If you are living in an extremely tight place, something has to budge. Accept the fact that you may have to go to the unit every month or every other month. Just keep a list on the fridge of items “Coming” and “Going” so you don’t have to go again. Example: Christmas d├ęcor, storage of memories, seasonal clothes, children’s next size up in clothing and even toy rotation.
              4. Look at what open space you are dealing with. Walls, doors, unused corners and even the ceilings.
              5. Think of things you use in those areas of the home. Example: Next to bed would be your Chap Stick, cell phone charger, and lamp. Or top of steps, a book shelf because you need those items anywhere in the home.
              6. Imagine everything taller, rather than wider. Example: Shelf next to bedside instead of night stand. Or side tables instead of a coffee table.
      Living in a tight space is very difficult; I understand (raising my hand in an empty room). I moved 8 times in 8 years when I first had my daughter. So I am the master of small spaces. But keep this is mind, I have almost NEVER liked my first arrangement within my own home. I always feel the need to move something around, change something or even just scratch an entire idea. Something’s you never know if they work, till you do them.
Cleaning Tip of the Month

That moment I gag when I smell my car...

       A question from Barb in Florida asks, “I have 3 kids and my car always smells, what can I do?” Good question Barb. Best thing is to not have kids in the car, but since we don’t want them to hitch hike, we get them more often than not. So let’s try to give our little munchkins the cleanest and healthiest life we can offer:
       First, clean out your car on a constant basis, vacuum and everything. Every time you pump your gas, dig into the back seat and clean out the car of everything your kids have tossed and thrown. The garbage, the half eaten sandwich or the homework your daughter ripped up in her temper tantrum. Just take that extra 4 minutes while the gas is pumping and empty the back seat and your full garbage bags.
       Second, after it’s cleaned and vacuumed and your car still lingers an odor, check your filter for your vents. Many times it’s behind your glove compartment and very accessible to you. It’s called your “cabin air filter”. Check Google on how to get yours out, and check to see if it’s dirty or smells. Replace if need be.
       Third, if it’s cold out, open the windows and get the cold air to circulate. This is very good at eliminating scents and this time of year is PERFECT for it, its one good thing this weather is good for.
       Fourth, baking soda! Sprinkle it everywhere. Under the mats, under the seats, on the seats, in the corners….imagine giving a 5 year old 3 open boxes of baking soda….that is what it should look like after. The longer you let it set, the better it will work. Then go to town with the vacuum. If you miss some till next vacuuming, it’s ok, it won’t discolor or ruin anything.
       My fifth and final tip may sound odd, but dryer sheets. Ya weird I know. Someone told it to me years ago after I got a car that had a previous cigarette smoker in it. And I changed the dryer sheets that were pinned under my seats every week, and within 6 months, I had no smell….weird I know. But it smelled like lavender. And the scent never came back.

Craft of the Month

The speechless "I love you"

         Simple and lovely…get it? Valentine’s day? LOVELY? Man I crack myself up. Well this gift is expressing the whole reason we celebrate the good old V-day. To tell those who we love, why we love them. This is good cute craft to do in 30 minutes with your little ones. Take your desired colors cut them into strips and on one side write someone’s name and what you love about them. Example: Mom- your smile, Dad-your BBQ Chicken, Maddy- when you clean your room.
        Follow these simple steps in the image. But keep in mind that these should be about 5 per a person and hanging vertical, or else the shapes will change.
Healthy Idea of the Month

My pants and tight and my pockets are empty

       A request from Kelly in Easton “How can I get healthy lunches for the week on a budget without it taking up so much time?”. This is such a good question that so many of us don’t ask until its right after breakfast and we have to rush out the door. So let’s take a look at some good ideas.
       -You  should always make your dinner and meal plans BEFORE your weekly shopping trip.
       -Try to make a little extra dinner every night and prep the meals differently for the lunch. Example: Chicken and Risotto for dinner then use the chicken for chicken tacos the next morning. Then for dinner the next night make burritos with the extra tortilla shells from lunch.
       -Buy your food in bulk or when it is on sale (if its non-perishable or able to be frozen) And making a larger dinner that will feed you longer will save your time and money from buy lunch daily or purchasing things separately just for packing your lunch.
       -Have enough re-useable lunch containers for the week, plan on using them all week long. Label each container with the day of the week on it that you would be working.
       -If you love salads, divide up romaine in every container, if you love carrots add them in. Whatever you want as a main source of vegetables or nutrients in your diet add in at the beginning of the week into each individual container. But as the week goes on and you have extra meat, pasta, rice, veggies or pizza. Just divide it among the next few days of lunches. You may think it turns into a mishmash of food, but so many times it turns into a delightful and interesting lunch. It always keeps you on your toes!

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