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January Newsletter

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Happy New Year! With this great New Year upon us I am sure we all have our expectations of new changes in our lives to help us make positive impacts. Hopefully for some of you it’s to live a new and organized life! We have new staff, updated website, and so many big things on the horizon for us!
One of the very big things is our company is expanding to be cleaning commercial buildings! So if you or someone you know manages or owns a company please let them know we are open for business! We are taking commercial clients in Easton, Allentown, Bethlehem and parts of Lehigh County! All estimates are free, and being a green cleaning service you are keeping your staff’s healthy top priority, so you can keep your company in top shape (with less sick days).
This month on our social media’s we are highlighting you! We are asking for YOUR questions, and we answer them! Need advice for your closets? Your busy and congested areas in your home? How you make your schedules? Just contact us to ask a question and we will be answering them daily!
Organization Idea of the Month

Starting fresh with a new year is almost like seeing your life in a new set of eyes. You see that you can do more with the time given, the money earned and the space provided. And one of the most needed issues to deal with is your paper work. And paper work is the outlet to make sure your time, money and space is being used efficiently. So let’s take a moment to focus.
Do you have an organized place for kids paper? School papers? Work papers? House bills? Memories? Magazines? Notes? If not, You should look back into our archives on to see our October Newsletter that has all you need to stay organized. If you are not a binder person, try these tips!
When you have your papers in your hand from, your child’s back pack, the mail, emptying your bag from work, never, not once should you ever put into a “temporary pile”. This pile can become habit, and habit becomes personality, and personality becomes issues. Instead always stand in your “zone”. This zone needs to have open file boxes, drop baskets or right into recycling.
Magazines need to have a display area so your family can enjoy them or a open file to place on a shelf and to come back to.
Completed tests, school papers, old homework that you keep for your own record should be kept in a binder. You always place the binder in an open area where you access it regularly with a 3 hole bunch right next to it. So you punch it, and place it. And threw out the school year you can refer back to the papers that they studied.
Kids Artwork or Memories should always be kept. The tests, essays and papers that are just too good to be tossed that need to go into memories need a folder for each year or a portable filer that you have for each child and each new file in the filer is for each new school year. For large art work that can not fit into a folder or a file have a large flat box. You can purchase a large tote that would normally be made for under your bed is the perfect size for a life time of large school work.
Bills, first and foremost, I recommend you to go paperless. Easy, quick and painless. Now if you love papers you definitely should had done the binder system I had posted a few months back in my October Newsletter, this is where you would just toss that bill into the binder. But for those less savvy people you can always just drop it into a file, not marked as “electric” or “phone” but as “January” or “June”. This way that come the near end of the month you have all your bills in one place, you pull out the file; you pay all your bills and boom! You’re done for that month! Now if the next day a bill comes in the mail and it’s still January, don’t drop it into the January file. All of January is paid up. Drop it into the February file and just pay in February! Then come the end of the year it is all ready for taxes, being sorted month by month!
Cleaning Idea of the Month

                Question, when was the last time you sanitized your washer? Did you know you should be doing it every few weeks? If a dark wet place is the perfect place to grow mold, don’t you think your washer is the most inviting place? I would have to agree. It’s very simple and easy.
1-Keep track of when you sanitize. A great way to keep track is every time you wash your sheets to sanitize your washer. It’s a great reminder, and then you will always have the cleanest sheets!
2-Before you throw in your sheets start an empty load, (it may not be great for the environment, but it keeps your clothes and family clean) start by spraying antibacterial cleaner on the inside and outside of your washer and wipe it down thoroughly.
3-Put your washing machine on the hottest setting possible, for those with a sanitizing setting put it on now. Pour in at least 2 cups of vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda; double this if it is a large washer. And turn it on! This will run thru the entire machine and clean and disinfect it.
Craft of the Month

                Kids learn about money younger and younger. When my daughter was about 3 she started to ask “Can you afford this?” As she picked up a candy bar or a Dora toy. She learned this young because I was a single teenage mom and money ruled all of our decisions, but also she learned it because I have taught her the value of a dollar at a young age. Now that she is older her decisions are much bigger then “Can we afford it?” to “What will I have for my future?”
                This is a question that many adults still don’t ask themselves. But for a 10 year old to learn this is a great attitude. And these attitudes are TAUGHT not observed in society today. So how can we teach our children to save a dollar spend a dollar? Something that has been passed on thru our history. A piggy bank. And not just that pig that we break when it gets full. But a 3 section bank. One section is for your tithe to our Lord. For those who don’t tithe a great way is to take that 10% and learn to GIVE. This is giving for non-profits, strangers or even someone you may know in need. The second section, spending, having your children know that they have a limit is needed, and then they appreciate what they have. Third, savings. With this they can look forward to something great in their future!
                For this craft, something simple and easy. Take 3 jars, reuse them from your old jelly or spaghetti sauce jars and decorate them! With paint, papers, glue, glitter, whatever your child’s heart desires!
Healthy Idea of the Month

Kids are great aren’t they?(well most of the time) But we see ourselves more and more in them every day. Because they learn by what you do, they follow your actions, your words and your lifestyle. So doing this you need to make sure that you are introducing good healthy habits to your children at a young age. And today we will focus on your snacks.
A snack is typically something light that you eat when you don’t have time to cook or prep. So that is when people grab a bag of chips, or a bowl of sugary cereal. Try this. Have a large tubber ware in your fridge that is JUST for snacks. Not just any snacks. But healthy snacks! Fill it with carrots, grapes, hummus, cheese etc. and just always have it full. When you eat it, the kids eat it. And there starts the healthy life for generations to come!

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